Yes. You heard that right — no pun intended!

With help from a partnership with, effective programmer blogs are now available as an audio podcast on several platforms. Read below to get more details.

What is

Good question. If you haven’t heard about Anchor, it’s the easiest way to make podcasts from blog posts. Let me explain. First of all It’s free. Second, it has built in tools that take an existing blog post and convert it into a nice audio version. I don’t need any fancy recording or editing equipment.

You will miss out on my sweet Indian/Pakistani accent but it is really convenient to just press a button and have the podcast ready. Anchor even distributes the podcast on multiple channels, so it can be heard on Spotify, Google Podcast, Beaker and many more.

Is Effective Programmer going all audio?

Absolutely not. The blog will stay and continue to be the source for all Effective Programmer posts. Part of the reason is that not all of the blogs are podcast-able in my opinion. Some of them have code, while others needs small edits to make the auto transcribe feature work properly.

How often should you expect new episodes?

My goal is to review and publish some of the older posts to Anchor first. I will then work on making sure all the new posts, that are worthy of an audio post, get uploaded to anchor as well. Whenever an audio version is avaiable, you will see a big listen button at the start of each such post, just like the one you see above.

How to Listen?

Don’t forget to download the anchor app or go to to get started. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.