How to Gain Visibility at Your Job

How to ensure that your work and contributions get visibility within the company to move your career forward.

How to Master Coding Interview Questions and Ace any Interview

Coding interview questions are bit of an odd case. A lot of basic coding skills that are tested in the coding challenge part of the interview, don’t end up being used day to day for the most part. Why are they important and how to get better at them.

How to become a Rockstar Engineer

If you aspire to become a rockstar engineer then understand that doing a good job everyday is not good enough, just doing more work is not good enough either. To become better you need to improve over time. But how does one actually make this transformation? The single most important thing for becoming better atContinue reading “How to become a Rockstar Engineer”

Understanding your value proposition as a Software Engineer

Try Not to Become a Man of Success. Become a Man of Value — Einstein. As a software engineer, understanding the value you bring to your team’s proverbial table is really important. Start by asking yourself in clear terms, what exactly is that you do, how important it is to the team’s success and the impact yourContinue reading “Understanding your value proposition as a Software Engineer”


Becoming an effective and successful software engineer is more than just writing good code. There is a great deal of management, sales and marketing involved. Obviously writing bad code will not get you anywhere so we will talk about that as well. Ideas and opinions expressed here are my own and does not necessary reflectContinue reading “Welcome”